Concierge Support Service to AHA’s Hope Island SDA participants

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“My team and I work 24 hours to offer concierge support service to AHA’s Hope Island SDA participants, who we actively listen to and work with to provide the best care,” says United Disability Care Service Leader Danni Gangell.
“Whether we are needed to prepare food or for emergency responses, we always have someone available onsite to provide real-time support,” she says.
The mother of two says meeting new people and working alongside NDIS participants, as they acquire new skills to live more independently, brings her the most joy in her role. “The little things can mean the most, like watching someone go from needing our full support to make a cup of tea to only needing low-touch support.”
“I also enjoy working at Hope Island, as the concierge support service operates under a unique care model that allows residents to thrive, feel safe and secure, while still having extra support when needed,” she says.
What do our Hope Island SDA participants say about our care service? “At first, we weren’t sure how and if we’d use the concierge support team on site, but now they’ve become a rock to us. We interact with them all the time, they check in on us and help us with anything we might need,” says resident Jason Parker.
Learn more about the value of our onsite care services in a clustered SDA model here:
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