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NDIS participant, Brett Morris says his move from social housing to Accessible Homes Australia’s Specialist Disability Accommodation in East Palm Beach has “changed everything”.

After a rugby tackle in 1993 left him with quadriplegia, Brett lived in homes not designed or built to cater for his supported living needs.

“With my old accommodation, I had to fight to get the electric door and the electric gate installed,” he says.

“If I was in my manual chair, I couldn’t get anything out of the kitchen cupboards or out of the fridge to feed myself. I had to rely on carers to either set me up for the day or do it while I was out.”

Brett says his May 2022 move to an SDA apartment has been truly life-changing—he can now control everything.

“I don’t rely on anyone,” he says.

“From light switches, which I can easily turn on myself or through my phone, to automatic front and balcony doors and an electric ceiling hoist, which makes it easier for my carers and for myself to get in and out of bed.

“My SDA apartment has wider doorways, which makes it easier to get through, and I’ve got a balcony, so I’m not stuck inside all day.

“I can go to the beach, I can go to the shops—I can even use a washing machine. And in the kitchen, we’ve got adjustable benches and lower drawers, so it’s all accessible for me to grab stuff out. If I need to grab something to eat through the day or do anything through the day, I can do it myself.”

AHA creates SDA properties in central locations to offer tenants easy access to public transport, restaurants, cafes, eateries and other lifestyle and recreation amenities. Brett says his Palm Beach home is key to feeling a part of the local community.

“It’s made life so much easier,” he says.

“It’s good to be living with able-bodied people again. You’re part of something, you’re part of just living normally.

“I’m close to where I play rugby, I’m at the beach, I have great neighbours, I’m near Burleigh and the bus stop—I can do anything.

“What AHA has done and what they’re doing for people is unbelievable and I think they’ll change a lot more lives in the future.”

AHA also provides dedicated supports to guide NDIS participants through the entire SDA application process.

“Accessible Homes Australia fought to get me in here and helped me with the NDIS,” says Brett.

“I got the last apartment, which was great. It took nearly three years to get here but we finally got here. They were a big help.”

If you would like to learn more about the life-changing benefits of SDA or see if you’re eligible, contact our team today.

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